design and construction of heat exchanger

CASINGHINI ENERGIA srl is a young firm with an heritage of experiences in waste heat recovery from the '30.
We mainly deal of waste heat recovery from exhaust gases coming from gas turbines, diesel engines, incinerator, furnaces or else.
Our equipments may be certified CE according to PED, rules may be UNI EN 12952, ASME, RINA, LLOYD,ISPESL or other international rules.
Each equipment is tailored to client requirements, we don't have standard products, every time we select the kind of tube apt to the work conditions both for finning (if needed) and for material. The tubes we mainly use have helicoidal, rectangular or serrated fins; material goes from carbon to alloy up to stainless steel.
Our equipments are mainly installed in power plants, cogeneration or district heating plants.
Locations are worldwide in any kind of environments, both land plants and off-shore plants.

In site erection
Superheated water generator